My name is Jennifer Cote and I am an Austin Wedding Photographer. I started out as an illustrator growing up and in high school I was convinced I was going to be a Manga Artist living overseas in Japan. That didn't happen because I got a cat, Aslan (yes from Narnia!) and couldn't imagine him being left in quarantine for  months because he was special needs. He was the first of many cats (5 currently!) and they are my world. In college though I started taking pictures so that I could paint from my own inspiration sources later. I did mostly leafless trees (still my favorite thing to paint) and clouds and then occasionally people. This was until I got married.

 My wedding photographer seemed like a nice enough person, we knew she didn't have a ton of experience but she was priced right. Or so we thought. Three months after the wedding we still hadn't heard anything from our photographer about the photos. When I reached out to her, she informed me that she had lost half of the photos and did finally give me what she had. She only edited a few and there were more pictures of empty champagne classes and spiderwebs than of my family. To say I was heartbroken barely covers it. For most bridal couples your day goes by like a blur. So much is happening and so many people to talk to and celebrate with. Those pictures and videos are all that you have left to regain the full memories of a day you put so much into. 

After this experience I went full force into studying people for photography and weddings became my focus. I never want another bride to feel the way that I do when I look at my pictures. I lightly edit all images so the images flow together perfectly and I make editing them my top priority so my couples get them sooner and aren't wondering months later what is going on. As a photographer who captures this huge moment in someone's life; I feel it's important to do whatever I can to make this day go as perfectly as possible. 

I Believe.. 

  • That everyone should spend part of their day outside and in nature to rejuvenate the soul
  • That there is a home for all animals and that no animal should be put to sleep for lack of space, special needs, or just because of their breed
  • That one smile, even from a stranger can change the day for the better
  • That you should challenge yourself and push your boundaries to find out who you truly are behind the fears
  • That you should love what you do. Life is too short to only be in the pursuit for money and fame, appreciate the little things. 
  • That even if you have things you would like to improve about yourself you should still love yourself to the fullest. There is only one you in the whole world and you are special. 

Guilty Pleasures...

  • Having a dairy allergy doesn't change that my favorite food is mac & cheese with tuna
  •  I come from a pretty loud family and so even if I am not paying attention to it I always have the tv or radio on. 
  •  I love to dress up as characters! Always have, always will
  •  I was a semi picky eater until switching to paleo a few years ago. Now I'm not sure what I used to eat before, my pallet has changed so much!
  •  I like to make up words and use them in sentences and pretend that they are normal. Sometimes I don't even realize I am doing it. 



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